You’re invited to represent in the Abs After 40 test group.

Apps mockup
Apps mockup

However because there are other men eligible in your area, and we want to make sure only the smartest and most dedicated clients have access to Abs After 40,you must agree to the following rules:

Do not lose more than 20 pounds of belly fat per month with Abs After 40. Many clients are tempted to do extra workouts to accelerate their progress further once they see rapid fat loss in the first few weeks. However you must agree to only lose fat at a safe, reasonable rate to get access to Abs After 40.

Do not share this program with men younger than 40. My methods of naturally boosting testosterone will also work for younger men, but I want Abs After 40 to be an advantage that’s only available to guys our age.

If you are obese or not healthy enough for exercise, consult your doctor before beginning Abs After 40. Although many men who have never exercised before have successfully lost belly fat with the program, I believe it’s always best to be safe especially if you are extremely overweight.

There is no guarantee you’ll be given access to the program. I’m limiting the current class to only the 100 most qualified applicants to ensure everyone receives enough personal attention from me and my trainers. You’ll find out if there’s a spot available for you on the next page….

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